How do you add an Android tablet as a device to your Google account?

Answer I unexpectedly managed to add the device, by using the "Calendar" application and selecting the "Google" option, which required me to sign in and after that it automatically linked the device to th... Read More »

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How do you download movies to your google android tablet?

How to Locate Your Android Phone/Tablet Using Google?

This guide will tell you how to:1. Configure your Android Device for locating. 2. Locate your Android Device on Google maps. 3. Lock your Android Device. 4. Reset the PIN on your Android Device.

How do you make a new google account on your android phone?

No its private. Just delete your history every once in a while.

What do you do when your android phone says to many pattern attempts and tells you to login with your google account?

It is alerts for your phone. All you have to do is tap and drag down with your finger, mine has mostly been weather alerts but i'm sure there are others too.