How do you add a headphone socket to the speaker wires so that the speakers disconnect when the headphones are plugged in?

Answer ANSWER Each speaker is driven by a pair of wires coming from the amplifier. One wire is "live" and the other wire is "ground". There are two little contacts in the headphone socket which connect th... Read More »

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How can you wire headphones by using the rear speaker wires in a car stereo to power headphones in a motorcycle helmet need to have a disconnect in the cord too?

How can you get your computer to stop generating a high pitched humming noised made via your headphone or speaker jack coming out of speakers or headphones?

Can speakers go into a headphone socket?

They were not designed to be used that way so don't do it! Speakers have a much lower impedance than headphones so your MP3 player, DVD player (or whatever device it is that just has headphone sock... Read More »

How to fix orion tv speakers if you plugged in headphone?

you should replace headphones jack with a new fact when you plug in your headphones.....the internal mechanism disconnects speakers and when you pull out connects speakers again... Read More »