How do you add a friend in gmail?

Answer Google just opened a new page. It's very useful.

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How to find a friend invisible in gmail?

Here are steps: 1. Set the chat as off the record with target user (how? click… This can be done only when the other user is online. (need help? Click -... Read More »

Please help... My friend knows my gmail password.?

Next time you check you mail, note the following things1. The time you do this2. The IP address of your machineAfter this, when the next time you login, do this,1. Go to the very bottom of the gma... Read More »

How to show back hidden friend from gmail chat list?

actually you can just type that friend's name or email in the little "search people" box in gmail chat.then, that friend should appear. you click on "show in chat list". then it's all done!good luc... Read More »

Is there a way to check my gmail without going directly to the gmail site?

Yeah you check your Google Email Account from Microsoft Outllook, or Windows Live Mail, on your computer without logging onto the web. On android cell phones and tablets there are apps that automa... Read More »