How do you activate Sony Ericsson?

Answer It depends on your specific model of smart phone. Many phones can be used in offline mode, which gives you access to the WiFi features, contact/phone book features (but you can't call out, obviousl... Read More »

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Why does Sony require you to give your full name and address when downloading the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson?

This is just like anything else on the Internet such as "quality assurance" surveys and so on. They are doing it because your name is sold. This is why people in the United States recieve so much j... Read More »

What should you buy iPhone 3gs or sony ericsson x10?

I think the iPhone but it's your opinion. I mean, the x10 is a good phone but the iPhone is easier to use and it's just cool.

Does the Sony Ericsson P1i have a built-in GPS?

The Sony Ericsson P1i does not have built-in GPS. However, it does have Bluetooth. You can get GPS navigation on your P1i by pairing it with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and installing navigation and m... Read More »

How much does a Sony Ericsson elm cost?

the sony ericsson elm costs $132 at Porta Gadgets. It is unlocked and has no contract here is the link Read More »