How do you access internet history after deleting it?

Answer The easy and quick way to restore file and activity History is the System Restore feature. Since much history is saved into the Windows Registry, restoring it to a previous state will restore file ... Read More »

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Can anyone view the pages i visited on internet even after deleting the history and cookies?

Yup, but you have to know what you doing on a computer. Microsoft will know when you do you Microsoft update. The do it for marketing research.

Deleting all internet history.?

What browser?Download the program CCleaner it is awesome. it will do the trick reformat your harddrive.

Deleting ur internet search history...?

Hi. In Internet Explorer go to Tools> Internet options> Browsing history> and click on Delete. In Firefox press Ctrl+shift+delete and press "Clear private data now".

Deleting Internet Search History?

With Internet Explorer 6 and Win XP Pro there are drop boxes associated with all the internet search engines that contain all of the previous searches. It is very annoying and I have tried the norm... Read More »