How do you access DVD player on ps2?

Answer All PlayStation 2 consoles can play DVDs. Just insert the DVD and it will play automatically

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How do I access the mini player mode in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player 10 and 11Start Windows Media Player. Right-click the Windows taskbar (the bar that houses the "Start" button). Select "Toolbars" and click "Windows Media Player." Click the min... Read More »

Can a PS3 access a PC's blu ray player?

I am almost certain that Sony developed Blu-Ray.

How do you access netflix on your lg dvd player?

No, not at all. Blu-Ray work just inside the Player, and do not effect pacemakers.

How to Access Facebook Via Windows Media Player?

Okay, so you've got parental controls on your user account, or barred from using any Internet Browser, and you sooo desperately need to check your Facebook, what do you do? This works for Windows V... Read More »