How do you abort a child after 2 months?

Answer I recently had an abortion around 2 months! I was 8 months and 3 days but I knew I wasn't ready! It is rather hard b/c u find yourself attached to your baby at 2 months! I couldn't believe what I w... Read More »

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Is it better to only breastfeed for six months and after six months also use some other food such as bananas or can you use these after three or four months?

Answer it is recommended to only breastfeed the first 6 months... Answer I hear that breastfeeding keeps the impurities of every-day germs out of a child's system- I would breastfeed him till he is... Read More »

Can You Abort a Baby at 6 Months?

In the United States, laws on abortion vary by state. There are eight states that allow abortions up to 24 weeks (6 months). These states are: Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York,... Read More »

Can you abort your 8 months pregnancy?

Not in most states or countries. You would have to have a legitimate medical reason for doing so even if it were allowed then. If you are that far into a pregnancy and feel that you do not wish to ... Read More »

Can an underage child sue their father for child support if the father stopped paying for child support after 3 months?

Answer No, this is up to your mother or guardian (which could be a grandparent or uncle/aunt.) Although it's quite disgusting that some fathers refuse to take some financial responsibility for the... Read More »