How do yo change the color of your message bubble on an iphone 4?

Answer You have to change your message settings. The only colors I'm aware of are blue and green. If you have IOS 5 it comes with iMessage. This is an instant messager. If you turn iMessage off you'll get... Read More »

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"..." in a gray bubble on the iPhone Message screen, and message color?

The (...) means the other person is typing back. Blue text means the other user has an iPhone, green means its any other kind of phone other than iPhone.

Can you change the SMS chat bubble colour on the iPhone 4S?

Can you change the color of text message bubbles on a droid x?

No. You have to download apps such as, Go SMS or Handcent they are VERY customizable

How do you change your iPhone 3GS voice message ?

Cell phone voice mail messages are changed through your Cell phone carrier.The number that accesses your VM will offer a menu of other options, one being to change your greeting.