How do xylophones produce sound?

Answer A xylophones is an instrument that produces short, sharp sounds through vibrations of its keys.Instrument FamilyXylophones are percussion instruments, which means that they produce sound by being s... Read More »

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How do violins produce sound?

A violin makes use of a complex acoustical interaction between strings, horsehair and wood to create a complex, distinctive sound, either as a solo instrument or in an ensemble.ComponentsThe highes... Read More »

How does a cd produce sound It's Plastic.?

The surface is covered in a reflective coating, usually aluminum but sometimes silver or gold.Parts of the surface reflect light well, others don't reflect it so well. The different regions (refle... Read More »

How do saxophones produce sound?

The saxophone produces sound through the use of a vibrating reed attached to a mouthpiece. By pressing keys on the saxophone, the player can produce various pitches.HistoryThe saxophone was invent... Read More »

How does a wind instrument produce sound?

Any sound is produced by a vibration. Wind instruments produce sound when air from the musician is blown into the instrument. These vibrations change pitch based on the length of the instrument.S... Read More »