Why are smokers treated like second class citizens and also treated like children that need to be told off?

Answer Yep, smoking is bad for you, got it. But for all the people screaming about smokers are you aware that car exhaust damages lungs also, as well as causes neurological damage, pollutes the ground wa... Read More »

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How are women in Africa treated?

The African continent is typically referred to as 'Mama Africa' and this feminine designation reflects the significance of women in Africa's many cultures. The continent is large and thus women are... Read More »

How are Islamic women treated?

The U.S. War on Terrorism has thrust the Islamic world into the spotlight. In particular, the treatment of women in Islamic culture has come into question. While speculation and allegations abound,... Read More »

Are moroccan women treated well?

On One Hand: Dignity for Women Is ImprovingMorocco's Family Code, Moudawana, was amended in 2004 to extend the right to divorce, an increase in the legal marrying age from 15 to 18 and changes to t... Read More »

How are women treated in Islamic countries?

The treatment of women in Muslim countries varies considerably, from extreme seclusion in Taliban-influenced regions of Afghanistan to the emergence of female religious scholars in Syria. In some c... Read More »