How do women get pregnant without having sex?

Answer By having artificial insemination or implantation of semen in the uterus; in vitro fertilization, at the doctor.

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Can you get emancipated in Oregon and be 17 and pregnant without parent consent and live with your boyfriend and his mother without having to pay rent?

You can get emancipation at 17 in Oregon. The court can take into consideration that the parents are opposed. They are also likely to take the fact that you are pregnant into consideration. Being p... Read More »

After having sex how days it takes a women to get pregnant?

You get pregnant as soon as the sperm fertilises the egg - it doesn't take long. Generally a few seconds

Is it harder for obese pregnant women to feel fetal movement more so than pregnant women who are pregnant and are not overweight?

it is not harder to feel the movement it just is not as harsh on your ribs and back because there is more "wiggle room" for the baby. however, it will be harder to see the movement from the outside.

Can you get pregnant without having sex?

It is possible accidentally if the penis comes in slight contact with the vaginal area and ejaculates, or perhaps from some sperm on the fingers, the sperm can make its way into the vagina and fert... Read More »