How do whey and creatine work ?

Answer You don't need either of them. You get plenty of both in meat. They will do you no good.Here's why you should not use protein supplements.• You don't need them.Our species has survived for 150,00... Read More »

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Is Whey Protein and Creatine bad for you?

UGHHH I don't get why people keep saying protein and creatine is bad for anyone!! People need to do their research! Protein- you need this in your everyday diet to FUNCTION. There is nothing bad ab... Read More »

Should I continue to take whey protein if I'm taking creatine?

I always take my creatine before i work out and my protien after

Does whey protein work if your chubby?

Does it "work?" What do you think it does? It's just protein. Its not magical it isn't going to make you strong unless you excessive.

How to Drink Creatine?

Creatine has been used for many years by those looking to gain lean muscle mass. It also has been proven to significantly increase muscle mass in skeletal muscles. There is however, a right and wro... Read More »