How do weeds kill other flowers nearby them?

Answer block out sun, soak up water, use up nutrients in the soil.

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Why do weeds kill other plant life?

A weed is a plant that upsets the natural environment of an area, according to the U.S. National Park Service. The result of the introduction of a weed into an area can be damage and death to the p... Read More »

I wanna kill a weed in such a way that it's made an example of in front of the other weeds...?

Perhaps you should hold a town meeting of all weeds and then behead the weed, cut it into pieces, and send it to the four corners of the world. That should show them

What can you spray on your garden to kill grass and weeds but not kill my plants?

a weedicide just go to a plant shop and demand for a weedicide you will get desired results example of weedicide is anthracineRangiku_Awata: My mom uses seven i think,but i may be wrong so go to a ... Read More »

Does ipomoea kill nearby plants?

Ipomoea, a species of twining vine, is an annual garden plant commonly referred to as Morning Glory. Ipomoea is a fast-growing vine, which reseeds easily, and can become invasive if not controlled... Read More »