How do websites like Wikipedia make revenue?

Answer Wikipedia is owned by the Wikimedia foundation which is non-profitable (doesn't make money at all.) It also owns several other sites like Wikisource, Wikiquote and Wiktionary. The donations you all... Read More »

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Are their any good websites like wikipedia? is a google site, but it will only give you sites that are guaranteed to be "real sources" and will only give you sites such as ".edu" ".gov" and ".... Read More »

Any websites like wikipedia for science information?

Depends on what science you are looking for. When I was in anatomy and physiology, I loved ""You can also go to college sites, and go to specific websites within the science of ... Read More »

Do you know any other websites like that provides information.? Read More »

Websites that don't normally have ads now do (like Wikipedia), how do I remove this adware?

How to Stop redirect…Adware: How To Remove Text Enhance…Firefox pluginsNo Script https://addons.mozi... Read More »