How do websites get "payed"?

Answer Great question that I wonder about as well.Btw, it's "paid" ;).

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How much does a dentist get payed ?

Dentists get payed A LOT, mostly because a lot of people have tooth problems, hence there are many patients per day. ALL dentists are RICH. But it takes a lot of hardwork, love for biology and pati... Read More »

Does a artist get payed off a mixtape?

Well from what I know, mixtapes are supposed to be free. It's sort of a way to get your name out there first, because why would you pay for someone's mixtape if you've never even heard of them? Wit... Read More »

How much to paramedics get payed in melbourne p/hr?

Try the Fair Work Australia website and search for the Ambulance and Patient Transport Industry award

How much money does a marine get payed?

They are paid according to rank and experience according to the DoD Pays Grades. You can find them on the internet somewhere, but there are many different grades from the lowly Private to the Four-... Read More »