How Do We Know Dark Matter Exists?

Answer Dark matter is the term used by astronomers to describe matter that can not be seen, but whose affects have been observed. This has been primarily observed in the gravitational density of galaxies,... Read More »

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How to Argue That God Exists (Christianity)?

Often referred to as "Apologetics".Did a being of some sort actually create the universe? Does it know how it did it and also have the power to perhaps do it again? Did this being reveal itself to ... Read More »

What band that no longer exists?

How do I add an email address to a list that exists?

Click on ContactsLeft click on the "Contacts" option in your email account. As with other Internet tool options, it may be in button or link form. It is typically on the left side of the page. Clic... Read More »

Do you have proof that Delta Force exists?

Yes. There is a page about Delta Force in Wikipidea. There are countless books about Delta Force, some are written by former Delta Force operatos. There is a book called 'Delta Force', written by t... Read More »