How do we get our web site listed by the yahoo search engine?

Answer You can submit your site to the Yahoo search engine through this link:…

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Is Google search engine better than Yahoo! Search?

Why when using google or yahoo search engines do i always get redirected to some crappy adult search engine?

adware / spyware. try running 1 of theseAdaware http://www.lavasoft.comSpybot http://www.spybot.infoAlso make sure you don't have a satic DNS (thats 1 way they do this) Also make sure you have ... Read More »

How can I get my site on first page of Yahoo search results?

for that your website must be clicked more on the search results or respective search engines. the popular ones are showed up. but now lot of organisations provide 'search engine optimisation'. For... Read More »

How to Use a Search Engine to Search a Site?

Sometimes, you want to find something on a website and it might not have a search function, or you may question the search function's accuracy. There is a way to search without using the site's sea... Read More »