How do we gain subscribers on youtube?

Answer If you have zero subs, zero likes and zero followers you are sending the wrong message to people. You guys are saying "we are not popular". This days, to have a chance, you need to look popular by ... Read More »

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How to Get Youtube Subscribers?

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How to get a lot of subscribers on youtube?

you have 17 subscribers now because i just subscribed to you,i will add you as a friend,comment your videos,rate your videos,comment your profile and ill tell some people about your channel,that sh... Read More »

How to get subscribers on my youtube channel?

you have just gotta keep sticking at it, people dont usually get famouse over night, you need to grow your fan base 1 sub at a time... it took captainsparklez 2 years to get his subs... but remembe... Read More »

How do I get more subscribers on youtube?

First of make it look interesting to draw people second add as much tags as possible because when people find stuff the tags bring them there and make sure the tags are different but nothing to ma... Read More »