How do we find out with the 'F' command keys on top of our keyboards do?

Answer Press them one by one and find out.Or use this listF1Almost always used as the help key, almost every program will open the help screen when this key is pressed. Windows Key + F1 would open the Mic... Read More »

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Can you take off keys on laptop keyboards?

No you can't. I'm missing one key on my laptop. I tried putting it back on but it didn't work.

How to Find Operating System Information with a Unix Command?

The "uname" command is used in the Unix and Linux operating systems to output operating system information for those systems. The information that can be obtained from the command include the oper... Read More »

Will the insurance company pay for a vehicle that is stolen while the keys are in it or running with the keys in it?

%REPLIES% Answer I've heard of some carriers attempting to include language in their policies for this sort of thing, where coverage is excluded if the vehicle is left running and/or the keys are l... Read More »

What does the drill command execute on the third command mean if it is even a real command?