How do wavelengths affect what color the human eye sees?

Answer The symphonic hues of a glorious sunset, the luscious colors in a Van Gogh painting, the iridescent sparkle of a dewdrop--each begins with light waves striking molecules on the retinas of your eyes... Read More »

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Is it me or does HD look better than the human eye normally sees?

If it was better than what the human eye normally sees, you wouldn't be able to see it.

What Natural Events & Human Behavior Affect the Toucan?

South and Central American rain forests are the home of toucans. Toucans have long bills, which they use to catch morsels and to squash fruits. During mating they toss berries to one another. Indi... Read More »

What are BBC radio wavelengths?

The show came to the UK in 1967 and ran on the BBC until 1987.

What color is the human liver?

The human liver is a reddish brown color and weighs roughly 3 lbs. The liver is also the only human organ capable of regeneration. Twenty-five percent of a liver can regenerate into an entire liver... Read More »