How do violins produce sound?

Answer A violin makes use of a complex acoustical interaction between strings, horsehair and wood to create a complex, distinctive sound, either as a solo instrument or in an ensemble.ComponentsThe highes... Read More »

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Do surround sound headphones actually produce surround sound?

No, it will be stereo since it still has two speakers. they should call it suedo surround headphones

How do saxophones produce sound?

The saxophone produces sound through the use of a vibrating reed attached to a mouthpiece. By pressing keys on the saxophone, the player can produce various pitches.HistoryThe saxophone was invent... Read More »

How do xylophones produce sound?

A xylophones is an instrument that produces short, sharp sounds through vibrations of its keys.Instrument FamilyXylophones are percussion instruments, which means that they produce sound by being s... Read More »

How do wind instruments produce sound?

Wind instruments produce sound when air is blown into them, creating vibrations via a reed or the player's lips against the mouthpiece.BackgroundOrchestral wind instruments are commonly known as "w... Read More »