How do violin bows work?

Answer The violin bow, sometimes called a "fiddlestick," is used to excite violin strings into producing sound. It is similar to bows designed for violas, cellos and double basses, which collectively defi... Read More »

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Who makes Calvert violin bows?

Calvert Violins in Baltimore, Maryland, makes Calvert violins and Calvert violin bows, along with many other instruments. Another manufacturer that brands Calvert violins and other similar instrume... Read More »

What wood is used to make violin bows?

Pernambuco was the industry standard for all wood bows because of the high quality for sound and strength. Its use is in question as the number of Pernambuco trees is dwindling from deforestation.... Read More »

Technical Parts of Violin Bows?

Without the violin bow, the violinist would be limited to plucking and strumming strings. Violin bows consist of several technical parts that each serve a different purpose for performance and reli... Read More »

Do violin bows change&improve when played?

The bow adapts to the player's individual style and pressure pattern. Occasionally you have to change the hair. It gets worn out over time and loses friction. You need a certain amount of friction ... Read More »