How do vegans get their protein?

Answer Actually, ALL veggies and fruits have some protein. Even the lowly apple has 1 gram of protein.If you eat a wide variety of fruits, veggies, grains like barley, quinoa, bulger, kasha, and dry bean... Read More »

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Are vegans religious about their food?

Its called orthoxia nervosa & yes i'd argue that many vegans have it to some degree & that i had it. Especially when they get so up in arms about having to avoid a food because it contains

What do vegans feed their dogs?

Do vegans understand that bambi's die because of their diet?

I understand your point. Animals do get killed in many different ways. I think vegetarians for the most part are against the unethical treatment of animals. They are caged up and treated horribl... Read More »

Meat eaters who try to push their views on vegetarians/ vegans?

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but whatever it is, it should not be forced on others.