How do ultrasound sonograms work?

Answer An ultrasound sonogram is a scan of a pregnant woman's lower abdomen to reveal an image of her baby. Ultrasound sonograms are usually performed by specialized ultrasound technicians or medical doct... Read More »

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How Do Ultrasound Massagers Work?

Ultrasound massages are a non-invasive method used to revitalize skin and target fat in places that diet and exercise cannot target directly. Such places on the body include stomach, thighs and hip... Read More »

How does a therapeutic ultrasound work?

Therapeutic ultrasound is a system of treatment used to treat mild-to-moderate pain. There are two types of therapeutic ultrasound treatments: thermal ultrasound and mechanical ultrasound.Ultrasoun... Read More »

Does ultrasound work to get rid of mice?

Wildlife specialist Michael T. Mengak warns against using ultrasound devices to get rid of mice. Instead, get rid of the things that attract mice--food and places to hide--and set humane traps.Refe... Read More »

Does a portable ultrasound really work?

On One Hand: The Equipment Produces Good ImagesPortable ultrasound equipment first came onto the market in 1999 and has grown in use rapidly since then. While crude portable versions of the diagnos... Read More »