How do u stop ur eyes watering when chopping onions?

Answer Wear diving goggles. lol

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Peeling onions and chopping them really hurt my eyes,what can i do to stop this.?

Wear glasses or light sunglasses. Or chop them underwater*- yes, it is possible.*that's the onions underwater, not you!

Stop my eyes watering when cutting onions?

The main thing you want to do is to start cuttiing the onion from the top, NOT the root end.The root end is extremely strong, the top milder. I find that works every time.Also, sticking w/ sweet on... Read More »

Does any1 have any good tips how to stop your eyes from watering when cutting onions?

How do you stop yourself crying when chopping onions?

i find running the onion under a cold tap before chopping helps!