How do u scan something onto your computer?

Answer errh with a scanner?

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How to Scan Something Onto Your Computer From an HP Office Jet 6310?

The HP Office Jet 6310 is one of Hewlett Packard's All-In-One printers. The printer not only can print documents, it can also scan and make copies. The process of using the scanner to save an image... Read More »

How do you scan something onto the computer?

You need a scanner. Hook it up. Press the scan button on the scanner. It will show up on your screen with the program you downloaded (the CD/program comes with the scanner) is easy unless y... Read More »

How can i scan something and put it onto my computer?

perhaps you have confused what you thought is a scanner with a paperweight.

How can I scan something onto my computer using my printer?

Have you installed the cd software for your unit? IF it's compatible with Vista then the same software should work..Good luck