Spanish Moss & Tree Relationships?

Answer Spanish moss, a long silvery natural growth, drapes from oak trees and bald cypress trees around the world. Spanish moss is not actually a moss, but an angiosperm in the family Bromeliaceae. ... Read More »

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What is 'sour cherry tree' in Spanish?

"Cerezo âcido," "Cerezo común," "Cerezo de Morello" or "Guindo" may be Spanish equivalents of "sour cherry tree" (Prunus cerasus).The sour cherry tree tends to mature to a height of about 13 - 32... Read More »

Does spanish moss kill the host tree?

Spanish moss is a non-parasitic plant. It is an epiphytic plant, which means it uses a tree to grow on but does not rely on the host tree for nutrients. Spanish moss, however, can cause damage to i... Read More »

How do I merge my whole tree from to the Family Tree Maker program?

Downloading From Ancestry.comOpen Family Tree Maker 2010. Click "Plan"; select "New Tree." Select "Download a Tree from" Choose a tree from Click the "Export" or "Downlo... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is (pink tree)?

floss silk tree?…