How do u repair damaged hard drive clusters?

Answer some time you can partition your hard drive, so you only use the good part of your drive and leave the damage part unused. But if the damage part is too big then is no use to do partition. I sugges... Read More »

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Can a full system scan repair damaged free clusters?

It can re-arrange the damaged free clusters which are often duplicates of existing ones. Usually, the scan can repair those clusters as long as they have not been over-written.

How to Access a Damaged Hard Drive?

The biggest loss when a hard drive is damaged is usually not the breakdown of the hardware but the inability to access saved data or complete data deletion. However, all hope is not lost because th... Read More »

Does anyone know how to recover data of a damaged hard drive?

yesss i did and i reformatted my computer too,search up somefin called "getdataback" for "NTSF" or "FAT", it depends wether ur comp runs on ntfs or fat. so yeahh i really hope this of lu... Read More »

How to Repair the Hard Drive of a Mac?

If your Mac computer is not booting up properly or will not start at all, the problem may be due to a damaged or corrupted hard drive. The installation disc that came with your computer includes a ... Read More »