How do u record videos from your webcam?

Answer Search for AmCap.exeThere are some cool webcam applications here (like making time lapse videos, long exposure images etc) if you want to try them out

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How to record videos with my webcam(need answer now please)?

You can record directly on YouTube or Facebook, or you can use a stand-alone video recording service like Or you can record with a local webcam program like Debut or CamSnap.

Do any websites record you watching their videos when you have a webcam?

There aren't really any websites that do that, in order for your webcam to be activated by the internet it usually shows a message asking you to allow or deny.Also, it's good to have a computer wit... Read More »

Do risque websites record you without your permission when you are watching videos when you have a webcam?

Websites should not record you without your knowledge and permission, but if someone has malware on your computer they could hijack your webcam. If you want to be 100% safe, keep a piece of black ... Read More »

Is it illegal to record sounds in youtube videos and put them in your own videos?

If those sounds are copyrighted then yes.Some Copyrighted Materials: Audiovisual works, such as TV shows, movies, and online videos Sound recordings and musical compositions Written works,... Read More »