How do u put SUBTITLES on a Comcast tv?

Answer I can't believe the previous answer came from a Comcast. Goes to show what they know. Anyways, I'm assuming you have the silver Motorola Comcast box and the silver remote, correct? Turn on the comc... Read More »

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How to Put Subtitles on Comcast Cable Box?

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How do you get spanish subtitles on comcast cable?

I didn't know Comcast operated in Australia.Anyway, the closed captions are a function of the program, not the cable company. If they are provided by the program producer, they would be on one of ... Read More »

How to remove subtitles from Comcast high definition channels?

Use your tv's remote and check the subtitles and closed captioning (cc or caption could also be on the remote). This isn't an option that your comcast remote or cable box can decide to do. Alternat... Read More »

I have avi files with their subtitles,but the subtitles come 1minute sooner.what should I do?

If the subtitles are already embedded in the file, there is nothing you can do.If however you have the subtitles and the video in separate files you can download a free program (look on Read More »