How do u make these letters with circles around them?

Answer In Microsoft word, go to insert then symbols. They are in symbols. There are tons to choose from. The copyright (c) symbol can be made in word with a parentheses and the c in the middle.Good luck!

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Imagine You Had 20 Kids, What Would You Name Them Using These Letters?

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If i type a bunch of words with only capital letters how do I change these words to lowercase letters?

it depend what programme you used, in microsoft office word which i use there is an icon for this. if the document is not too long you can backspace each letter and substitute it's lower case equiv... Read More »

What is a Rash on an infants legs that is red dots that all have white circles around them?

If there is a crosswalk, use it. Wait for the walking person icon before walking.Stop, look, and listen. Stop before crossing. Look both ways a few times to make sure you see no cars approaching. L... Read More »

In my house we have these little flies keep flying around. how do you get rid of them?

It could be fruit flies, or drain flies. If they are resting on walls during the day, and flush out of drains in the morning, that's a drain fly. Fruit flies are attracted to vinegar, try putting... Read More »