How do u make cotton candy i've been trying but its not working what should i add?

Answer Cotton candy is made with a very specific machine, and sugar made to go in the machine. This is not something you can just make up.

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Im 55 years old am i too old to eat cotton candy I love cotton candy...?

No. The only reason that you couldn't eat cotton candy anymore was if you had a health problems (like diabetes) and you couldn't eat lots of sugar (which cotton candy is made of). Apart from that... Read More »

How to Make Cotton Candy?

Creating cotton candy (or candy floss, as it's known in some places) in large quantities is virtually impossible without a machine designed specifically for doing so (in which case, one would follo... Read More »

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A cotton candy martini is a fun twist on a classic cranberry or pineapple drink. If you're feeling bored with your usual order, try it--you might discover your new favorite!