How do you make a hickie go away?

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How to get rid of a hickie fast?

Sorry, there's no way. All the ideas like press a spoon on it, put raw meat on it, etc. are just wives' tales that do not work.Put concealer on them or wear a turtleneck.

How to make simple infrared transmitter and receiver i want to make ir remote which make on or off a led ?

Hm... Don't think you can do that with remote like this!Good luck!

What exercises to make lose stomach flab and make butt smaller?

crunches, leg lifts for the abs, and squats for the butt. Use light weight, and lots of reps. Eat foods high in protien, and watch the carbs.

I am dairy intolerant decided to have a coffee but cant seem to make it with soya milk but can make tea.?

Both cow milk and soy milk curdle when you add them to coffee. This is because coffee is naturally acidic. Keep stirring it and it'll be fine.