How do u know if a tv is 1080p or not without looking at the box?

Answer not many people know this but there all virtually the same. there are two popular HDTV formats in use. One is called 1080i, and the other is 720p. But don't worry, there are no format wars to worry... Read More »

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What colour is your toothbrush, do you know without looking?

Do you know how to explain a wikipedia article without looking like an advertisement?

Whats the article title? I suddenly have the urge to buy something I don't need!

How do my parents know i watch porn without looking in my history or anything on my laptop PLEASE HELP?

Are you sure they don't look at your history?Another way to know is if they installed a keylogger. This is a very sneaky program that pretty much records EVERYTHING that is going on on your compute... Read More »

Looking for a 1080p camcorder that wont leave me broke?

i have a question for you. how will you give a 1080p copy of your video to your friends? unless you have a blu-ray recorder and they both have blu-ray players, then your only option will be to give... Read More »