How to Hotwire a Car?

Answer While hot-wiring a car may seem fun in the movies, it is highly illegal. Granted, there are some instances when having the skill could be handy (when you lose your keys, for instance). If you are ... Read More »

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How reputable is Hotwire?

On One Hand: Great If You Know What to ExpectIf you're looking for a last-minute travel deal, Hotwire has many to offer. According to Chris Gray Faust, he has found flights as low as $99 and car re... Read More »

What's one car you'd totally hotwire (if you knew how)?

I would hotwire my neighbor's car and sell it to a chop shop if he parks in front of my garage one more time (I live in a condo and we share a common access driveway to the main street).The same go... Read More »

How to Build a Hotwire Styrofoam Cutter?

A hotwire cutter is used to cleanly cut through Styrofoam. You can purchase a hotwire cutter from a specialty store or website, but with a few simple supplies and a little spare time, you can creat... Read More »

How to Check the Flight Itinerary for Hotwire?

If you have purchased a trip through Hotwire, you can go back to the website and check on your flight itinerary. One advantage of purchasing your vacations through the same site, is you are be able... Read More »