How do u hook u hook up a printer?

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Hughes cable box from directv and you used the DVD hook ups to wach tv how do you hook up a Philips universal remot to it?

They should be the same, but the times differ per time zone.

How do you hook up a printer?

It's not hard.It should come with a cord that has two ends that look like this:…The one on the left (in the picture) is the one you plug into your computer... Read More »

How to hook up a printer?

you can easily download the drivers that were on the disk from Lexmark's website.

10 points!!! I need help, I have an old television that I can't hook up a dvd player to, I have to hook?

dvd>vcr line invcr>to tv antenna in (round coax cable-like what delivers cable tv to the house)view on ch 3 or 4 on tv-switch on back of most vcr'splug cable/sat into vcr antenna in