How do u get your pulse to speed up?

Answer Take The Homeopathic Remedy CARBO VEG 30C thrice a day half hour before meals. It would cure you without any side effects or complications.Take care and God Bless !

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Create device for control of fan speed. 4 levels of speed. speed switching in manual mode with two.....?

Too many requirements for a circuit design that can be described here,but may be possible to do with thermal switches and some relays.Start by drawing diagrams of single-pole double-throw switchest... Read More »

How many seconds is a normal shutter speed i have a nikon n80 with adjustable shutter speed and i was wondering what the noraml shutter speed is?

Shutter speed depends upon available light, aperture, the subject, and camera settings. If a picture is being taken in low light with a slow lens (larger aperture number), then the shutter may need... Read More »

If your pulse is over 100, what does it mean?

tachycardia is a pulse higher than 100 bradycardia is a pulse rate lower than sixty this can be anything from being over weight smoking or pure anxiety from you about to be stuck with a needle, no ... Read More »

How do you take someone's pulse?

You count your heartbeats during 1 minute, normally by feeling on the side of your neck.You take someone's pulse by putting a finger to the neck artery (carotid) or the wrist (side closest to thumb... Read More »