How do u get tv on your computer and whaat do u need to do it?

Answer All you need is a DVB-T USB and you can get TV on your pc.Click the link and you will see them on there

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I dropped my phone in the bathtub WHAAT DO I DO!!!!?

Take out the battery and put in in the rice bowl. Wait 10-24 hours before trying again. DO NOT EVER TRY TURNING WET ELECTRONICS ONyou might have fried your phone. . .

What do you need to transfer a picture from your digital camera to your computer?

The simplest way if your camera contains a memory card is to buy a card reader. These cost a few pounds or dollars and simply plug into your USB port.If you have XP or Vista after plugging your mem... Read More »

What Kind of Cord Do You Need to Connect Your Desktop Computer to Your RCA HDTV?

Computers are connected to TVs for different reasons. Different types of cables can determine what type of picture quality your television will have after hooking it up. People that hook a PC to a ... Read More »

Do you need your computer to access your iPhone 4?

theres an app called app backup you have to do research on it because my dad hacked mine ipod