How do u get tv on your computer and whaat do u need to do it?

Answer All you need is a DVB-T USB and you can get TV on your pc.Click the link and you will see them on there

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I dropped my phone in the bathtub WHAAT DO I DO!!!!?

Take out the battery and put in in the rice bowl. Wait 10-24 hours before trying again. DO NOT EVER TRY TURNING WET ELECTRONICS ONyou might have fried your phone. . .

Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

Can you connect your canon rebel xti to your computer while taking pictures and have them show on the computer screen?

Diocletian was a Roman emperor who persecuted Christians and not a saint.

Is viruse can connect from my laptop to my computer with wifi .becase i have loocked my computer FBI security?…Hopefully that'll help you.