How do u get to watch DVDs in HD on TV Do u need a special cable?

Answer DVDs are generally in a 480i format. Where as a HDTV would be in a 720p or 1080p format.There are several methods in doing this. The first one is to buy a DVD player that can upscale them to 720p a... Read More »

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Can you hook up your laptop with 802.11 to receive a direct tv satellite cable signal and watch cable?

PC TV You could hypothetically do that but it would require purchasing some expensive equipment and the setup would be somewhat complicated. In addition, you need a satellite receiver set top box t... Read More »

Do you need a special tv to play blu ray dvds?

Answer Yes & No, you might be thinking well whats he going on about well, some blu-ray players do not have scrart connection that means will not connect to any of the old TV. You might be thinking ... Read More »

Do blu-rays dvds need a special DVD player?

There are many brands to blue ray...phillips, sony, memorex..but they are expensive...I think about 13 dollars a blank disk...

How do you watch blue-ray dvds on an Mac?

No friend! If the batteries of the 3DTV glasses get damaged, they cannot be replaced but we need to purchase new set of glasses. But we do not have to face the problem of batteries or charging if w... Read More »