How do u get some cable channel on tv's without a boxs?

Answer A lot of cable companies offer basic cable. Basic cable is getting cable TV straight out of the coaxial cable, without a box. If you want TV without a box, you need to get Basic Cable service from ... Read More »

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What channel is ABC family on without cable?

How to get sports channel without cable ANYONE an expert on this?

Honestly, you can't. There is no nice way of doing this. I would say Netflix, but you would need something else to get sports channels. Basic cable might get you sports channels as long as they are... Read More »

How many of you have problems with a cable channel our channel 5?

I have had problems myself in the past and i always call them anyway to ask when it will be fixed.Course our cable isnt the same as yours. Hope you get the prob. solved.

How to tune my cable tv for CNN-IBN channel .. I'm not getting that channel ..?

You need not tune for CNN-IBN. If you are not getting the channel, you should ask the cable operator who comes for cable collections. What can i do or others do for it? Are we cable operators? You ... Read More »