How do u get rid of the history of web sites u been on when u do a search?

Answer go to toolsthen internet optionsand then delete cookies, history of websites, and w/e you wanthope this helps

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How 2 delete google and yahoo web surfing history,when i click on search bar it shows everywhere tht ive been?

Go to control panel. Click internet options. Then Under general tab. Click Delete history and temporary internet files.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Google History That Comes Up Under The Search Bar When You Search For Something?

From Google, the evil geniuses themselves:When I search on Google, I see a drop-down menu of my previous searches. Is this the Web History feature?No, the list of previous searches that displays in... Read More »

Is it possible to delete history of sites visited on pc so police or anyonecfant trace what u been doing?

There is no sure fire way of deleting things permanently and they can still be recovered unless you remove your HDD or destroy it.....

Can you keep your Internet Explorer history to see what sites your kids have been on?

You can use the history function in Internet Explorer to see where your children have been online. In certain versions of Windows, you can also use the group policy editor to define a group policy ... Read More »