How do u get pics from digital camera to the computer?

Answer You could take out the memory card from the camera and stick it on the comp.

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How do you put your digital camera pics onto the computer?

Your camera will have either an internal memory card or a port in the side that you connect a cable to your computer with. If it's a memory card you just pull it out and insert it into the reader f... Read More »

Why won't my digital camera download pics to my computer anymore?

check that the computer can detect the device and that the usb port is plugged in properly

How do you download pics from canon digital camera to your hp computer?

install the camera, if you have XP or better, it does all the work once you plug it in, installing the canon software is probably a good idea to.

What would cause a digital camera not to upload pics to a computer with the error code ''The device is not recognized''?

Digital Camera to Computer Error For a computer to recognize a device, software called 'drivers' must be installed. The drivers are specific to the device, and many new devices do not have drivers... Read More »