How do u find out who a telephone number belongs to?

Answer here we go!!

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I know the telephone number. Is there a website for who or what it belongs to Help we have a stalker?

What the hell are you doing on Yahoo Answers? Call the police, stupid!

How to Find out Who a Number Belongs To?

Have you ever gotten a text or a call from a number you don't know? With these steps, you can try and find out who it belongs to without having to call it.

Can I find out who a phone number belongs to?

It is possible to find out to whom a phone number is assigned. The easiest way is to use the reverse-lookup capabilities of the national white pages directory, but if the number is a cell phone num... Read More »

If I have a phone number, how can I find out who it belongs to (in the UK)?

Why bother?If it is important, they will contact you directly!