How do u figure out gratuity?

Answer 15% then round it out to make a even total on the check.

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If a restaurant automatically adds a gratuity for service, do they also add a gratuity for food ordered out?

where i work ,our 'tips' are counted by computer, so even if we don't get an actual tip, our daily sales say we did, and we get taxed on it. . and that includes the take out order i took, and put... Read More »

A 18% gratuity was added on a bill at a restaurant. Do the servers expect further a further gratuity?

As I server, I never expect anything more than the gratuity that's been added to the bill for large parties, but a lot of times people will leave a little bit extra if they thought the service was ... Read More »

The Recommended Gratuity for a Day Spa?

A day spa is a business establishment in which professionally licensed personnel administer spa services such as massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps and other services. A day spa dif... Read More »

Is gratuity included in Australia?

The price that is on the menu is (for the most part) the price you pay full stop. The "for most part" sometimes on public holidays places will charge a surcharge (maybe 10 or 15%). Otherwise the ... Read More »