How do u discipline children that have autism?

Answer my son has Autism and what works for him is timeout and also pictures that explained why he was getting a timeout.. pics of bad behaviour etc, and also a pic of the timeout place.. it took a while... Read More »

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Can people with autism live happy married lives and have children?

While I believe that the vast majority of individuals with Autism do not marry, some do, as can be seen in the several wonderful articles that appear on Go to the category "Fa... Read More »

Is it possible that guys with autism can have a girlfriend?

Of course they can. They are human like all of us and have feelings too.I agree! that was a rude question, i think children with special needs are adorable! they just need a little extra help, but ... Read More »

What has been alleged as a cause for autism for which there is no proof but some parents following this misinformation have placed the children at risk of serious illness or death?

You may be referring to the totally unfounded suspicion that some cases of autism are cause by immunizations. To avoid this imaginary problem some parents chose not to immunize their children at al... Read More »

How to Discipline Children in the Classroom?

So, you're wondering what happened to the post card classroom where all the children are learning to their full potential, following all the rules and devouring every nugget of your wisdom. Somehow... Read More »