How do u discipline children that have autism?

Answer my son has Autism and what works for him is timeout and also pictures that explained why he was getting a timeout.. pics of bad behaviour etc, and also a pic of the timeout place.. it took a while... Read More »

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How to Discipline a Group of Children?

It is very difficult to control a child and when there is a group of children it becomes far more than something difficult to handle. But not to worry just go through this article for gaining help.

How to Instill Discipline in Children?

Discipline is the foundation for raising a child. Children thrive on structure. Providing proper discipline gives them the structure they crave, making it possible from them to act appropriately in... Read More »

How to Discipline Children in the Classroom?

So, you're wondering what happened to the post card classroom where all the children are learning to their full potential, following all the rules and devouring every nugget of your wisdom. Somehow... Read More »

How to Tell a Mother She Needs to Discipline Her Children Better?

This is a complete guide on how to gently yet firmly tell your babysitting charge that their kids are misbehaving and there is nothing left for you to do.