How do u delete what i have been looking up on the addresss history please help?

Answer go to tools, internet options and delete history

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How do my parents know i watch porn without looking in my history or anything on my laptop PLEASE HELP?

Are you sure they don't look at your history?Another way to know is if they installed a keylogger. This is a very sneaky program that pretty much records EVERYTHING that is going on on your compute... Read More »

I have acne and am looking for something that will help my face. proative isnt helping. please help!?

Everything can affect you (and it does) some things in positive ways and some in bad. Each body is different and so I dont know what does or does not work for your body. Is something you will have ... Read More »

I have been lying in bed for over an hour! please help!?

try Masterbaiting. it helps my girlfriend sleep

Is it possible to delete history of sites visited on pc so police or anyonecfant trace what u been doing?

There is no sure fire way of deleting things permanently and they can still be recovered unless you remove your HDD or destroy it.....