How do u delete a comment you made on youtube?

Answer You can't.

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Why would someone leave a nasty comment on my youtube video i made for my friends?

because some people are just jerks by nature and that is how they get their jollies

On youtube, why does it say comment pending approval everytime i comment?

because the video poster restricted comments until he allows them...he will eventually read ur comment and if he likes it...he will allow it to be displayed

How to Delete a Facebook Comment?

Facebook comments are meant to enhance your Facebook experience. The comment feature allows your Facebook friends the opportunity to expand on your status updates. This can lead to some funny conve... Read More »

How do you delete a comment on Facebook from iPod?

You touch and hold down the left side of your comment and swipe across it, a remove button should pop up on the right side if you did it correctly. Just click remove. (: