How do turtles eliminate their food?

Answer Like humans, turtles eliminate metabolic waste products and water not needed by the body. Though turtle anatomy differs dramatically from human anatomy, the excretory systems are similar.Digestion... Read More »

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How do I eliminate turtles from a pond?

Drain Your PondConsider draining your pond during the winter. Turtles will only take up residence in a pond if there is a consistent water supply.Trap the TurtlesTrap the turtle(s). Manufacturers... Read More »

How do turtles get their food?

Turtles are aquatic reptiles that have become popular as low-maintenance pets. They require some consistent care, including a regular feeding schedule.FeaturesDepending on their breed, turtles can ... Read More »

What do box turtles eat for food?

The box turtle is known for the hinged lower shell that completely protects the turtle when it retracts into the shell. The American box turtle population has begun to drop due to habitat loss and ... Read More »

How do sea turtles catch their food?

According to Sea World, there are a variety of species of sea turtle, each using a specially adapted mouth to catch their food. Sea turtles can be herbivorous (plant eating), carnivorous (meat eati... Read More »