How do truck air brakes work?

Answer Heavy trucks require a more complex and powerful braking system than ordinary cars or trucks. Air brakes marshal the power of compressed air to control the momentum of these vehicles.PurposeAir bra... Read More »

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Does a light truck or a heavy truck moving with the same momentum require more work to stop?

A light truck and a heavy truck traveling at the same momentum and coming to a stop over the same distance would require the same work to stop. In order for them to be traveling at the same momentu... Read More »

How to Put Brakes on a GMC Truck?

GMC is a division of General Motors corporation that makes a range of business and consumer trucks. All of the modern trucks use disc brakes on the front wheels, and often the rear wheels, to stop ... Read More »

What does a truck have to weigh to write it off as a work truck?

Any vehicle designed to carry cargo with a loaded gross vehicle weight over 14,000 pounds is qualified non-personal use vehicles. According to Internal Revenue Bulletin 2008-25, the IRS allows you ... Read More »

Do you need a cdl to drive a truck with air brakes?

A CDL license is only required when operating vehicles that exceed 26,001 pounds, with or without an air brake system. If a person fails the air-brake portion of the CDL knowledge test or takes the... Read More »