What to do when traffic lights don't change?

Answer California, probably every State -- if the traffic lights do not change you consider them as a Stop.…CVC 21450 says the chapter about lights only count if ... Read More »

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Do temporary traffic lights hold the same importance as normal traffic lights?

All government and city posted traffic signs and signals are to be treated as outlined in your DMV manual. If you go again permanent as well as temporary signs and signals, you are breaking the la... Read More »

How the street lights know when to change?

Either through sensors located in the road, a set timer, or through cameras.

How do traffic lights know there are cars waiting at an intersection?

There are all sorts of technologies for detecting cars -- everything from lasers to rubber hoses filled with air.By far the most common technique is the inductive loop. An inductive loop is simply ... Read More »

When driving an automatic car do you pull your hand break and put into netural when you stop at traffic lights?

You should only apply the foot brake. your transmission is designed to be in an almost neutral position when your foot is on the brake.some drag will be evident due to the torque converter ( kind o... Read More »